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Linksfield Shul &
Community Centre

King David Linksfield | Complete | 2020 -

The Linksfield Shul and Community Centre is a special project as it engages with an existing synagogue and community space close to Hubo’s heart. This whole project began with the envisioning of youth at the forefront. It was transformed into a state of the art, unique and next level center of Jewish life.

The shul and community centre was envisioned holistically and completed in two phases. The first phase was a small synagogue, function hall, kitchen and kids’ room. The combination of these spaces meant that in just 6 months, before the high holy days, these spaces had to be completed. The insane adrenaline and incredible rush saw a complete transformation of these spaces.


The old was broken through and a new light, new axes and new line could emerge. The exciting new punctures ensured that the old could literally transform into the new by itself - without having to be shifted drastically architecturally.


A bridge from east to west joined the two ladies’ sections in the shul, hugging the shul and making it feel more contained. This space is essential as it empowered the women, giving them front row seats and engaging more with the community. The parochet (curtain), the bimmah, the podium and every element was detailed and designed by Hubo. Each element was designed, fabricated and created to fit this unique light, airy and homey shul. The synagogue opens directly onto the

new community

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