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Hubo is an award-winning architecture firm specialised in education and kid centric spaces that create environments that inspire and nurture young minds, fostering creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning.

a dream team

We are Hubo

Meet Our Space Makers

Asher Marcus

Founder & Lead Designer

Verney Moyo

Professional Architect

Michelle Smith

Professional Architect

Deandra David

Professional Architect

Rory David

Professional Architect

Embeth van der Wal

Educational Accelerator (PHD)

Vickie Ndisengei


Branden Willows

Architectural Intern

Sarah Horsley

Architectural Intern

Embeth van der Wal

Architectural Intern

You get way more than you’ve ever imagined. We bring you possibilites you’ve never thought of, transformations you’ve never imagined, and spaces you’ve never dreamed. We dream for you. We imagine for you. We create for you. We see a vision for your space you may never have. Bring us a seedling, a kernel, an empty space, and together we’ll create something more magical, unique, dynamic, child-centered than you’ve ever dreamed.

Get In Touch

+27 83 570 7348
91 Iris Road,

Norwood, Johannesburg

South Africa

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