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The Early Learning Centre

Redhill School | Under Construction | 2023 -

When Redhill School approached us to design a pre-school inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we were incredibly excited. Our goal was to create a learning environment that nurtures children’s natural curiosity and interests.

To truly grasp the essence of Reggio Emilia, we embarked on a journey to Italy, where it all began. Immersing ourselves in their methodologies, we merged them with our architectural expertise.

Throughout the design process, we focused on integrating key elements that make Reggio Emilia special. From spatial planning to connections and details, our aim was to create a space where the school itself becomes a guiding teacher. We designed ateliers, a vibrant piazza, and embedded classrooms within a park, taking inspiration from the local South African context.

The result is a pre-school that embodies the spirit of Reggio Emilia, offering a unique and enriching educational experience for the children at Redhill School.

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